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Here at 7 Gen we are all family!! Our mission is to embrace our ancestral responsibility to our land, sea and to our First Nations people.  Our founding board of directors are all very passionate about what we do and where we come from.  Through our programs we hope to make a meaningful impact on our communities for the benefit of our future Generations. 
"Everyday we walk in the footsteps of our ancestors"

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7 Generation Stewards Society was formed to  address a number of issues in our environment and our urban community.  Currently we are developing a few different programs and as we move forward we will be working with different organizations to better our community in other ways.


Our Youth in Stewardship program is designed to create the power players we need at a Nation Governance level.  Ideally we will recruit students at the beginning of grade 9 and mentor them culturally and professionally utlizing a network of cultural leaders, industry professionals and champion environmental organizations.  This is where we have a chance to be the all in one stop for youth to have bigger brother or sister help them navigate through every aspect of the hardest part of their lives through the completion of Post Secondary and into industry.  We are a family and once you join our family we will stop at nothing to help you reach your goals.  The next Generation has a tough job ahead of them so its our job to prepare them for what lies ahead.



Currently we are in the planning and consultation phases of a Community Farming project.  This farm will be put in place to facilitate the need for fresh produce and protein for organizations like the local food bank, soup kitchens for the homeless and good food box programs for low income families and elders on fixed income.  This farm will have an attached wellness area to give people a safe and comfortable place to reconnect with nature.  This area will be a perfect place bring school groups, elders groups and mental health and wellness groups.  when we get closer to the ground work we will have oppritunities for volunteers to come and help us out for some time and learn more about what we do.


Here at 7 Gen we are trying to lay the ground work for the next generation to carry on some good work to protect our beautiful coast.  a big part of that is getting trees in the ground to bolster up heavily impacted areas along our coast.  We have a small team that physically goes out to plant trees but we also act as a facilitator dispersing overstock from forestry operations to community based projects.  So twice a year we invite organizations and volunteers out to a BBQ where we recognize everyone who provided the trees and our valuable volunteers and organizations involved in the planting of these trees.  no invite required bring a hungry belly and a great attitude.  Due to covid measures the BBQ is not taking place.  but trees will still be made available.  For more info or to join our volunteer team feel free to contact us anytime.

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The art of carving and shaping a canoe is a valuable skill that needs to be kept alive.  We have a canoe apprentice program that gives 4 young leaders an opportunity to make your own canoe with a skilled master.  under their guidance you will learn about wood selection, preparation, carving, steaming and designing your canoe and paddles.  You will be expected to carry this knowledge for the next generation and pass it on as part of our ancestral responsibility we all carry as Fist Nations people.


Tribal Journeys is an annual gathering of Canoes on the west coast.  Nations from far and wide come to share their culture through song and dances in this gathering.  But the Journey itself is deeply rooted in connecting with the land, sea and our ancestors.  We believe this is incredibly valuable to the future of our coast,  listening to the speakers talk with such passion it can bring tears to your eyes or make every hair on your body stand straight up can help instill this passion for Stewardship in our youth as well as provide an opportunity for a wide range of mental health and wellness healing.  The 7 Generation Stewards Canoe family will be open to anyone who wants to join.  This family is not tied directly to any one nation and therefore is open to displaced FN living away from their territories.  Our culture is part of the healing process.

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We walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, they started some good work for us and we have a responsibility to them as well as the next seven generations to get things back on track and maintain the balance for in our territories and for our Nations.  Our coast is suffering and so are our people its time to bring back the beauty and love one another again.

Cory Cliffe

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